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If you or someone you love has been in a car accident the first thing you may want to think about is contacting a Tacoma car accident chiropractor. An experienced Washington car accident chiropractor can help you avoid a lifetime of problems, and can help you to heal more naturally.

In this site you will learn all about our expertise in treating whiplash recovery from car accidents, find out if you are injured, see video of what happens in injuries like yours, but here I want you to learn a little about myself.

Discover Life Chiropractic Tacoma has been one of the busier practices in Washington for the past 10 years. We range from family care to injury cases, taking care of newborns to geriatrics, personal injury to workers compensation. To know what we know, Discover Life Chiropractic has invested tens of thousands of dollars in state of the art computer assisted examination protocols. Our computerized equipment allows us to “see” what is not visible to the naked eye, offering indisputable test results that, from a legal standpoint, create a bullet-proof case. More importantly, we are able to treat your case in the exact manner it needs to be treated and allow you to see your progress as we go.

Whiplash Chiropractic

Videos courtesy of Tacoma Whiplash Center - Tacoma car accidentI find that many patients are unsure as to who is best able to treat their injuries.  Medical doctors prescribe medication and send you to therapy in hopes that this will resolve the injury.  We often find that the neurological and structural component of these injuries go untreated and result in long term disability and patients finally come see us after living with it for several years.  Please understand that we can make any referrals deemed necessary to help you with your injuries.  We have on site whiplash rehabilitation, massage, x-rays, and are located near MRI and physical therapy offices.  We also work regularly with attorneys so if there are any legal questions we can refer you to the best in the area.  On your initial visit you have my promise that if I feel that I can’t help you with your injury I will refer you to the appropriate health care professional.

Please check out our whiplash recovery site. if you have any questions,  or if you would like an injury evaluation appointment, please fill out our contact form.

Dr. David Hendrickson, Tacoma Chiropractor

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